• Jacks of all trades, masters of some

    We don't just offer a 2D & 3D print on demand service, but when we do, its done with our highest quality possible and at low prices.

    We are equipped to 3D print most available models, but we have skills in graphic & 3D model design, laser & blade cutting, miniature painting, cosplay, resin pouring and even more to come.

    *Nos services sont aussi disponible en français!*

  • Services Available

    > Printing service available in a variety of materials (PLA, ASA, PETG, TPU, Photopolymer Resins)


    > 3D modelling for applications such as copying replacement parts that are no longer manufactured


    > 2D graphic design


    > Small format Laser+Blade Cutting


    > 3D Printer Diagnostics & Tuning

    >Education on the fundamentals of 3D Printing and material behaviour

  • Why us?

    We can design many models from scratch, and we pride ourselves on strong communication to bring you the product you really want. We print with premium, unique filaments. We never charge our customers for failed prints - EVER. We are constantly upgrading to bigger and better printers so we can offer as many choices as possible, while keeping our pricing competitive.

Something For Everyone

Cinderwing3D Creations

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