Jacks of all trades, masters of some.

We don't just offer a 2D & 3D print on demand service, but when we do, its done with our highest quality possible and at low prices.

Not only can we 3D print most available models, but we have skills in graphic/ 3D model design, laser & blade cutting, painting, cosplay, resin pouring and even more to come.

*Service aussi disponible en français!*


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Who are we?

Miss Printed is family owned and opperated by Jordan Mavrinac and their life partner Angie Kannanwill, with the hopes to one day pass it onto our two young children.

We came up with this concept of a custom EVERYTHING store. And thanks to the innovations in 3D printing. We aren't here to just make ourselves successful, we believe that anyone can accomplish anything if given the opportunity and by giving our country and community the ability to make whatever they need at low costs, we believe we are helping push forward the next industrial revolution.

We aren't motivated by massive financial gain for just ourselves, we just want to change our corner of the world better for everyone by giving people the opportunity to prototype their own business designs, and access lower cost materials. We want to give people the ability to make memorials and keepsakes that help them cope with life's challenges.

Where here to plant trees, whose shade we may never see.

Robert is our lead printing expert and 3D modeler.

Angie is a graphic designer, creator and social media manager, who handles all social aspects of the business.

What can we do?

Currently we can 3D print with resin, PLA, ASA and PETG, with more to come.

We have skills in 2D graphic design and 3D modeling (no organic shapes)

Able to do smaller format laser and blade cutting. We use this to make engravings on wood and tile, as well as vinyl tranfers.

How do we help the environment?

One of Miss Printed's leading principles for starting a 3D printing business was the need for environmental reform. Not only do we use a lot of reclaimed materials in our multi-media projects. But we focus heavily on environmentally conscious supplies & packaging as well as proper disposal and recycling.

Having the ability to recreate plastic parts that would otherwise render an item trash, is going to change the way humanity recycles its broken electronics.

We may, on occassion, refuse to print objects that are useless and wasteful, we do not print cheap party favors.

We are hoping to one day be able to offer a filament recycling service, we would love to hear from you if this is something you would be interested in having in Windsor.

Where do we ship?

Currently focusing on supplying Canadians with the tools we need to grow with the fourth industrial revolution that we're currently living in.

Our Equipment



MONOPRICE - Mini Delta


CREALITY - CR30 Infinite-Z


ELEGOO- Mars 2 Pro



XTOOL - M1- Laser & Blade Cutter

EPSON - WorkForce ST-C2100

SINGER - 4411 Sewing Machine

  • Replacements & Irreplaceables


    What we enjoy most about todays technology is the ability to 3D print anything. Including things that we're once thought to be lost due to manufacturing ending.


    We also really enjoy making things that have never existed and never could again because they were made custom just for YOU!

  • 3D printable options are nearly limitless.

    Between heartfelt custom memorabilia and unique designs Miss Printed has a lot to choo​se from.
    However, If you still want more inspiration check out some of these STL file providers.

    Prusa Research - Nasa - Form Labs - Free3D - Cults3D - Ultimaker - Sketchfab - Loot Studios - Thingiverse - My Mini Factory - Fat Dragon Games - GrabCAD

    Miss Printed may require written permission from the original author of the digital files you request.

    We reserve the right to refuse any prints that infringe on intellectual property laws and human rights.

Message us through any of these platforms!

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